Be careful while using OpenID

OpenID users be careful, while using OpenID.
Because OpenID is designed for user can login using single ID for sign in multiple websites,
but the thing is OpenId user always sign in using the external application.
In background user has silently logged in OpenID account.
Finally the user closed the external web application using signout.

Still OpenID account session is alive and logged in.
If you used this in a public computer the same OpenID account name also in cache.
with that another user can login to your account easily.

So signout both the external application and the OpenID too.


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2 Responses

  1. Ronald says:

    Once your openID is HACKED, the hacker has access to all openID guarded websresources.. yes the downside of single-sign-login šŸ˜‰

    An remember openID can be used – via backdoors – by NSA, CIA and other big brother organisations, to invade your privacy.. think for yourself… why should this initiative else pushed to COLLECT AL YOUR PASSWORDS outside your own head, with a CENTRALIZED ONLINE Storage ????

    Wake up

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