Convert font size from Pixels to Points, Percentage and em

To convert font size from Pixels to em just divide by 16
Pixel Ruler

Pixels Points Percentage Ems
9px 7pt 55% 0.55em
10px 7.5pt 62.5% 0.625em
11px 8pt 70% 0.7em
12px 9pt 75% 0.75em
13px 10pt 80% 0.8em
14px 10.5pt 87.5% 0.875em
15px 11pt 95% 9.5em
16px 12pt 100% 1em
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  1. Jai says:

    You might find this useful as well.
    This provides an online pixel to em converter and you can also do a complete CSS file conversion.

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