Dham Dhoom Moview Review

Actor:Jeyam Ravi
Actress: Kangana Ranaut, Lakshmi Rai
Music:Harris Jeyaraj
Director : Jeeva

Review :
The Hero is a Doctor and his marriage is fixed in a week time, at the same time he got chance to visit Russia for the International Medical conference.

The Indian Govt has selected 5 Persons including the hero.( this offer also for a week ).
The Hero safely reached the Russian airport with his team. There he saw the girl, she too smiled and the hero dont know this smile is take him to more difficult position. The girl left his overcoat with the Hero. After that the Doctor’s Team entered the Hotel and Ravi plan to call his would be but no one know english they speak only Russian even in Hotel reception also. The girl (from airport) came to collect her overcoat and she gone away. After that the Hero forget about the girl and he gone for seminar. At the end of the day the Hero gone to the party hall again he saw the girl. That girl drunk heavy so he take her to his room, there also the girl ordered some more drink and both of them are slept. In the morning the Policemen has arrested the Hero. Because of the girl is murdered by somebody also the girl is the daughter of the Police Commisioner. Hero try to explain about his situation in the court but no one is ready to here his voice. Finally the hero got the Help from the Indian Embassy. For the Indian embassy Jayaram has appeared. The hero faced lot of irritation in the Prison. Again in the court Lakshmi rai is appeared as a lawyer for the Indian embassy. She is trying verymuch for save The Hero. In between in the prison the hero’s flashback about his love has screened. Lot of person are tring to kill the Hero in prison so he escaped from the jail and the Jayaram gives the accomodation there also he face the problem so he came out and roaming with the lawyer. Finally the hero traced the killer and back to india for his marriage.

The Movie is seems to be like Rajeshkumar Crime novell.

Here the screen play and the Music are Good.

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4 Responses

  1. sathyan says:

    Good first attempt Ohmkumar !!
    You have narrated the story (screenplay) nicely.

    But, you have not written more on criticizing or appreciating the efforts by Director/hero/heroine.

    Anyway, its content is good ..

  2. Ohmkumar says:

    Thanks for your comment, Surely i will write about the things in my next review onwards which are all you expecting.

  3. ARUNKUMAR.T says:

    kangana acting was good and film and the song will be nice

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