Adobe CQ5 ā€“ Widget xtype

Adobe CQ5
Adobe CQ5 admin panel created with the help of EXT Js JavaScript library.
The complete WCM built with EXT Js.
EXT Js xtypes are used as CQ5 input types in widgets.

Here i have listed below some of the frequent used xtypes.
These “xtypes” are helped to get the appropriate output.

  • browsefield
  • button
  • checkbox
  • colorpalette
  • datefield
  • datepicker
  • datetime
  • editor
  • fieldset
  • fileuploadfield
  • flash
  • htmleditor
  • label
  • menu
  • metadata
  • numberfield
  • password
  • progress
  • radio
  • richtext
  • searchfield
  • selection
  • tabpanel
  • textarea
  • textfield
  • window
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2 Responses

  1. prasad says:

    hai your demo on creation of page in cq5 is very much useful and very vivid.
    i think many more of such examples would be more helpful.
    and really nice UI

  2. joe says:

    is there a multi browsefield like the multifield

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